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Sky High Edibles – Orange Gummy 600MG THC

Buy Sky High Edibles at Wholesale Pricing! – Orange Gummy 600mg

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These handmade Sky High Cannabis Gummies come in a variety of different flavors: blueberry, cherry, grape, lemonade, orange, peach mango, tropical punch, assorted, be sure to find one that you would like to try.

Sky High Gummies will satisfy your variety-driven sweet tooth while keeping you discreetly medicated. Made from REAL FRUIT JUICE, formulated with premium D9 THC Distillate, you’ll be getting nothing but a terrific blend of your favorite tasty candies!

Ingredients: Sugar, sorbitol, corn syrup, fruit juice, gelatin, pectin, natural flavor, beeswax, natural vitamin E

Active ingredient: Pure D9 THC Distillate

Each gummy contains 50mg of THC.
12 gummies – 600mg THC in 1 bag.

These delicious from Sky High Edibles are perfect to dose yourself as you can take them in increments of 50mg up to 600mg!

Directions: We recommend first-time users start with a very small dose (DO NOT EAT WHOLE CANDY FOR FIRST-TIME USER). Allow 60-90 minutes for full effect before the second dose is considered.

Store in a cool and dry place

Warning: Keep out of reach of children.

Made with love from BC!!!


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